Documentary Video Log

The Thirties: 1930
  • The British R101 experiences a huge aviation disaster 40 sec.
  • 8-story leap successful 34.0--MEAGAN 11/5
  • Gandhi's farewell message 22.83--MEAGAN 11/5
  • Bellonte and Coste make the first non-stop Paris-New York flight 51.7
  • Earthquake in Italy 38.07
  • New York unemployment skyrockets, creating huge crowds at the Free Employment Agency 34.8
  • Emperor Hirohito reviews Japanese Army reserves 49.12
  • New short hair style for women 1:32.36--MEAGAN 11/5
  • Babe Ruth begins golfing, having been refused a raise by the NY Yankees 47.46--MEAGAN 11/5
  • Empire State Building, the highest structure in the world, in progress 57.64
  • Mussolini reviews his Army of young boys 1:02.33
  • Elinor Smith makes the highest female plane flight 1:05.03--MEAGAN 11/5
  • 42-year old De Mar wins the Boston Marathon 1:01.33
  • The Battle ship Saint Louis is scrapped 42.71
  • Hitler's cohort loses election in Austria 41.28
  • Atlantic City Easter Parade draws huge crowds because of warm weather; unemployed also out in the NYC streets in huge numbers 1:31.19--MEAGAN 11/5
  • Enterprise, Harold Vanderbilt's America's Cup defending boat, is doing well in the America's Cup 51.66
  • Beginning of construction on Mount Rushmore 1:05.83--MEAGAN 11/5
  • Defense of Matter Air Field in response to bomb threat 1:50.28
  • Jean Drummond wins national modeling competition 33.76--MEAGAN 11/5
  • Sande on Gallant Fox wins Preaknes horse race 1:58.67
  • Lindbergh and his wife fly from California to New York with one stop 1:20.13--MEAGAN 11/5
  • Zipline invented as a rescue device 54.39--MEAGAN 11/5
  • George Washington Bridge built; A look at the nearby Naval fleet 1:27.38--MEAGAN 11/5
  • Max Schmeling's boxing training 43.48
  • Preparations for a coming golf tournament 19.7
  • Coolidge dedicates dam in Arizona 1:54.47
  • George Dukakis dies going down Niagra Falls in a barrel 1:52.44--MEAGAN 11/5
  • British Royal Air Force show 1:10.15--MEAGAN 11/5
  • Bobby Jones wins the US Open, his third championship victory that year 1:16.5
  • Harlem beauty pageant 57.53--MEAGAN 11/5
  • New sport: water skis propelled by paddles 1:01.28
  • Atlantic City: new roller coaster 47.62--MEAGAN 11/5
  • Helen Wills Moody wins Wimbledon for the fourth time 1:16.54
  • 2 Communists sent to prison for insulting the American Flag 48.34
  • Austrian gymnastics invention: human perpetual motion machine 30.--MEAGAN 11/5
  • World's first pair of female ice carriers 42.15
  • Ape auto race in California 37.32--MEAGAN 11/5
  • Gold Cup motorboat race won by Hotsy Totsy 59.7
  • Fire repair being done on President Hoover's office 44.72
  • General Mafu Sang's opium plantations in China 54.5
  • New style: jeweled hairpins 23.29
  • Sinclair Lewis is the first American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature 27.3--MEAGAN 11/5
  • Fourth game of the World Series in Saint Louis 1:00.86
  • Family evicted from its home moves onto the sidewalk 38.25--MEAGAN 11/5
  • Group of counterfeiters caught 33.55
  • Vanderbilt's Enterprise wins America's Cup for 37th time 1:07.41
  • Ship Leviathon docked for repairs 46.51
  • 63rd Coast Army Artillery weapons 51.27
  • American experts visit German monorail with the possible anticipation of building one on Long Island 48.74
  • Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 1:12.39--MEAGAN 11/5
  • Group of German debutantes hang-glide 47.88--MEAGAN 11/5
  • New Congressional Session opens, accompanied by a Communist march at the Capital 46.32

MOT: 1931

  • Empire State Building opens to the public 29.94 PARRISH
  • Contortionist in New York City 1:22.56
  • Bill Tilden makes his professional tennis debut 1:21.67
  • First Vaudeville TV show 52.33 PARRISH
  • New clothing styles from Florida 1:00.8
  • Lindbergh tests new plane for the flight to South America 35.01
  • World's largest auto being built 1:21.2
  • Funeral of Newt Rockne, a popular Notre Dame football star 1:18.03
  • Army Air Service invents a visibility device for blimps 1:58.07
  • Captain Alberta and his hair stunts 55.54
  • Dismantling of the Battleship Wyoming 1:00
  • Annual feature race for female jockeys 1:09.44
  • Rocket sled built in Syracuse flops 1:05.55
  • Police force shooting stunt in Colorado 1:00.81
  • 12th Birthday of the Fascist Foundation celebrated in Italy 1:00.47
  • Rescued ship's skipper sues for liquor seizure: he claims to have been carrying alcohol legally with no intention of docking in America 53.45
  • Annual cross-country junior Steeplechase in Eton 40.07
  • New York Mayor Jimmy Walker faces charges for "neglect of duty" 50.21
  • 6-wheeled, 12-speed car invented in Czechoslavakia is showcased in Indiana 57.93
  • Navy demonstrates new aerial torpedos 57.14
  • Annual Winter Water Sports Competition 59.58
  • Ghandi attends the National Congress in India, met with rioting from the Red Shirts 1:37.0 PARRISH

The Thirties: 1933
    The Fabulous Thirties Volume 3 (it says vol one on video) 1933

  • Pasdena, Cal. "Southern Cal. Trims Pitt by 35 to 0 score in Rose Bowl Classic" 01:48 With a strong start, Southern Cal gets a lead on Pittsburg on a gorgeous day in the filled-to- capacity Rose Bowl Stadium. It's "the greatest inter-sectional football contest of the season."
  • Shanhaikwan, China "1,700 Chinese Slain in Manchurian War as Japs Bombard Town" 01:27 Peace in Manchuria threatened with outbreak of hostilities on New Years night. A bomb thrown in a Shan Hai Kuan railway station set off fighting that lead to a Japanese bombing raid that killed 1,700. Outnumbered by the Japanese forces, the Chinese were forced to withdraw from the city. Despite 16 months of debate in the League of Nations, no peace accord has yet been reached.
  • Boston, Mass. "Shoe Exhibit Brings New Spring Models in Dainty Footwear" 00:46 Several young women model the latest spring footwear fashions.
  • New York, N.Y. "Babe Ruth Starts to 'Take it off' in gym" 00:31 The "Babe" is on an intense training regiment to shed pounds.
  • Rome, Italy "Mussolini Honors Fascists" 01:07 50,000 Black Shirts gather in Rome to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Fascist militia. "Il Duce" spreads favor to those who helped him throw out the Communists.
  • Corley, England "Campbell's wonder car 'Bluebird' read for test at Dayton" 00:37 Sir Malcolm Campbell has a 4.5-ton, 2500-horsepower speed car, "Bluebird," that he aims to test run at Daytona beach in the hope of reaching 300 m.p.h.
  • Chicago, Ill "Tired Couples totter on feet over 2,500 hrs in 'Walkathon' event" 00:46 In a bizarre competition, couples compete to see who can walk for the longest amount of time.
  • Berlin, Germany "Crowds Hail Hitler Victory" 02:14 Adolf Hitler, lead of the German National movement, is elected Chancellor. Celebrations ensue in the capital. Torchlight parades commemorate the outcome of a "free election" following the violent political campaign to win the office. Violence broke out between his supporters and Communists protesting Hitler's rise. Some surmise he will be less dangerous in office than in the street commending his stormtroopers.
  • New York, N.Y. "Jewish War 'Vets' parade to protest Nazi persecutions" 00:47 Jewish war vets and other organizations parade in the snow to protest anit-Semetic persecutions reported in Germany.
  • Seattle, Wash. "Human icicle puzzle science can't explain" 00:51 Mark Tina spends 20 minutes in a coffin-sized ice block and doctors seem stumped.
  • Shanhaikwan, China "Troops mass for drive" 01:27
  • Lake Placid, NY "Set world bob-sled record" 00:57
  • Miami, FL Rider defies death in high-speed crash through sheet of glass 00:31
  • FDR Inaugurated 01:57
  • Hamaroneck, NY Noseprints new way of finding lost puppies 00:45
  • Hamaroneck, NY Big league players gather for fray as ball season starts 01:14
  • Washington, DC Ban on beer lifted as president signs bill legalizing brew 00:27
  • Palo Alto, Calif Hoover returns home smiling and content as a private citizen 00:30
  • Cincinnati, Ohio Rivers on rampage as new flood crest imperils thousands 01:06
  • Washington, DC Mrs. Roosevelt off for "first horseback ride in the capital city" 00:39
  • Indianapolis, ID 3 killed by crashes in 500-mi. auto classis won by Louis Meyer 00:27
  • Loyd Bennett Field, NY Albo Air fleet begins Hazardous return hop over north Atlantic 00:59
  • London, England 50,000 Jews call for wide German boycott in big demonstration 00:38
  • Rome, Italy Thousands hail Il Duce as European nations sign four-power pact 01:01
  • New York, NY Record crowds hail globe-circling flier in wild celebration 00:30
  • Havana, Cuba U.S. warships stand by as revolt heads move to quell seething isle 00:58
  • Forest Hills, NY Briton wins U.S. title by defeating Anzac in nat’l tennis upset 00:58
  • Gallup, NM Troops guard mines as riots threaten in bitter strike fight 00:38
  • St. Paul, Minn 10,000 see locomotives in head-on collision at spectacular show 00:41
  • Washington, DC New York Giants win 1933 World Series in surprising upset 01:22
  • Hood River, Oregon Foresters complete huge woodland tasks with record speed 00:38
  • Ambridge, PA Police attack miners with guns and gas in new labor riots 00:38
  • Roosevelt Field, L.I. Aces thrill thousands by spectacular feats at nat’l air pageant 01:39
  • Farmer Plays Tune With Hands 01:35
  • Washington, DC America thrilled as president outlines recovery progress 03:51
  • Moscow, Russia Roosevelt invites Soviet envoy to U.S. in recognition move 00:54
  • Torpedoes launched from air 00:33
  • Knoxville, Tenn Alabama eleven wins 22-6 victory in gridiron fight with Tennessee 00:54
  • New York, NY Seek million signers for peace petition in world’s biggest book 00:41
  • Paris, France Feminine hat styles with striking changes displayed by salons 00:39
  • Holdenville, Okla Back-yard refinery solves depression for garage owner 00:44
  • Genoa, Italy Great throng cheers Carnera on first visit as ring champion 00:38
  • Merchant clothes jobless 00:28
  • New type combat car tested 00:28
  • Transparent gowns shown 00:36
  • College point, L.I. Lindbergs reach N.Y. ending epic air tour of four continents 01:00
  • Warm Springs, GA President Roosevelt approves liquor code as production booms 00:51
  • End of dry era hailed by joyful crowds as repeal becomes law 02:01
  • Quake wrecks west coast 00:34
  • Senate quizzes Morgan 00:28
  • World's Fair opens 00:22
The March of Time Presents The Great Depression, 1935, Part 1

1. New York City: 3:30 -- A post-Prohibition look at speakeasies. Segment features a look into the famed #21 52nd Street club and the secret contraptions to hide alcohol that would foil inspectors upon surprise visits.

2. London: 3:02 -- New Transport Minister in London works to improve driving conditions. Installs what become known as "Belisha Beacons," an early kind of stoplight which many Londoners destroy in protest. Crosswalks inserted too. Citizens react with humor, create board game mocking new rules

3. Euveaux, France: 1:55 -- An American caught speeding in France demands that his fine be applied to France's war debt to the United States. France complies, and the U.S. Treasury ledger shows a payment of 100 francs ($6.60) paid by one Moe Buchsbaum, via the French government.

4. York, PA: 3:27 -- Fred Perkins of Pennsylvania fights to avoid the new minimum wage of 40 cents per hour, which he can't afford to pay his workers. A warrant is issued for his arrest and a court battle ensues all the way the to the Supreme Court. Perkins fights for an individual's right to set wages for his workers.

5. Okitsu, Japan: 4:13 -- Discusses Japan's Panic of 1935 and the conflicts between men of war and men of peace. Japans asserts moral right to have a navy. Invades Manchuria. "What will hold Japan in check?"

6. New York City: 4:47 -- Opening night at the Metropolitan Opera House. Glamour that is grand opera. Retirement of director of opera.

7. New York City: 4:20 -- Coverage of the New York Daily News and its coverage of a late-night verdict for the Bruno murder case. Demonstrates stress of production as the paper filters through conflicting reports of a death or life-enprisonment sentence for the killer.

8. Cambridge, MA: 1:50 -- Demonstration of invention of super-fast camera produced at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 50 times as fast as ordinary cameras. Stunning photos of milk drops, a bird taking flight.

9. New York Harbor: 5:22 -- Explores the "genius of the mechanical age" by looking at ships, both ocean liners and military. Chronicles the efforts involved in adopting the international safety code after a six-year delay. Demonstrates trauma of sinking of S.S. Mohawk due to conflicting orders, which wouldn't have happened had the safety code been adopted.

10. Angola, LA: 3:29 -- Story of Leadbelly. Follows his release from jail and desire to work for curator Lomax. Sings folk songs, awes listeners. Library of Congress names him the "greatest folk song find in 25 years."

11. Berchtesgaden, Bavaria: 6:06 -- Shows the rise of Adolf Hitler, naming him as "most reviled leader." Europeans attempt to respond to his acension. Demonstrates through Hitler's acquisitions how important it was for him to assert control over industry. Europe gives Germany an ultimatum, which Hitler denies.

12. Europe!: 3:51 -- War from the perspective of arms salesmen suppling national with weapons of destruction, who meet in the guise of the international railmakers in Cannes, France. "Destroyers of the peace and nothing short of that."

13. New Orleans, LA: 5:56 -- Character sketch of Huey Long, former governor of Lousiana and his eyes on the White House. Referred to as "Dictator Long," who says he has back in Louisana "the best legislature money can buy." Emphasizes his corruption and his being "the biggest single threat to the re-election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt."

14. Mexico: 4:07 -- Discussion Mexican priests in hiding. Socialist thwarting of Catholic religion. Hanging by townspeople of Sylvester Gonzalez, who denied Catholicism and attempted to impose state secularism.

15. Trans-pacific: 7:21 -- Demonstrates efforts made to increase trade with China through the creation of Pan Am's Trans-pacific flights, which go from San Francisco to several pacific stops and eventually to China. "Will bring America as close to Asia as it is to Europe."

16. Washington, DC: 5:01 -- A look at the power in Washington through the eyes of the men who cover it journalistically. Mentions New York Times Pulitzer Prize winner Arthur Krock. Shows how reporters are covering "the Roosevelt Regime." A Who's Who in Washington Power.

17. Moscow: 8:41 -- A look at the efforts made by the Kremlin to unify Russia. Kremlin "dedicated to the overthrow of all capitalist government." Building of enormous nation the size of Europe, the U.S. and Canada put together, consisting of 180 different races and nationalities.

18. Pacific Ocean: 8:07 -- Insider's look at life in the U.S. Navy on the Pacific. Primer on ship design and building, as well as weaponry. "Fighting is their business."

The March of Time: Economy Blues 1935-1936--Part 2


This segment discusses the army's development of contingency plans in case the United States is invaded. Also, bemoans the small size of the armed forces and shows how the army is remedying this problem.--Run time is 9 minutes and 49 seconds.

Royal Oak, Michigan

Talks about the demagogic, left-leaning nature of father Charles McCoughlin, whose membership is 10,000,000 strong.--Run time is 5 minutes and 40 seconds.


Talks about French train wreck then moves into discussion of a group called "The Cross of Fire." This organization whose 30,000 members are ex-WWI veterans, combat corrupt politicians and communists through both militant and peaceful means.--Run time is 8 minutes and 28 seconds.


Talks about illegal mining operations that are sprouting up in Pennsylvania. These operations, which developed as a result of the closing of many of the mines in the state, have grown immensely in recent years. In order to combat loss of their coal, the mine owners reach an agreement with the illicit drilling companies to share the profits.--Run time is 4 minutes and 56 seconds.

Elmsford, NY!

The Federal government is buidling CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) in 1400 towns and cities. Discusses the problems and benefits of these camps.---Run time is 7 minutes and 26 seconds.

Lake Tana, Africa!

British want to build a damn on Lake Tana in Ethiopia in order to control waters of Blue Nile (Lake Tana is source of this river). The beginning of the Italo-Ethiopian is hindering the British damn building plans. This film was shot in late 1935, so we have not reached 1936 yet.--Run time is 7 minutes and 18 seconds

East of the Suez

British have set up "resort" for Jews in a part of Egypt. At this location, the Israelis are allowed to develop their plans for appropriating the Holy Land from the Palestians and other Arabs without fear that they will be harrassed or attacked, as the British are guarding the site. Also talks about Nazis' antisemitic policies.--Run time is 7 minutes and 47 seconds.

New England!

Talks about unprecendented growth in rural theaters ("summer theaters") during the summer of 1935. Says that major hollywood and Broadway companies canvassing these "barnyards" for new talent.--Run time is 3 minutes and 29 seconds.

Pleasantville, N.Y.!

States that the number of deaths due to automobile accidents has risen to drastic proportions. Reader's Digest decides to print a graphic article illuminating the dangers of not driving safely and a number of town and city councils try to find ways to make their roads safer.--Run time is 4 minutes and 56 seconds.


Ethiopians ship huge amounts of cotton to Japan, so the Japanese are treating Ethiopians escaping from war with honor; however, Japan will not interevene in conflict. Also, Japan and the United States continue to trade with Italy because they are not part of League of Nations and so do not have to adhere to the embargo that the League enacted against the Italians. Still in 1935 as far as I can tell.--Run time is 5 minutes and 19 seconds.

New York City!

Interviews a man named Berghoff whose business breaks up strikes. He says that his industry has been hurt by the fact that states are starting to pass more legislation in favor of unions. Provides inside look at how strike breaking companies operate and also describes tensions between this group and state governments which are pro-union.-- Run time is 5 minutes and 1 second.

The Northwest!

Says that duckhunting is very popular sport in the United States. However, hunters have been killing so many wildfowl that they are threatening populations. Therefore, for first time, government has set a limit on number of certain species of birds that can be taken by hunters.--Run time is 6 and 58 seconds.

FDR Wins!

This one occurs in 1936. Flashback--Herbert Hoover is defeated by FDR in 1932 and the Republican party is in shambles. Hoover retires from public life but keeps informed. Fastforward to 1936. Republican Presidential primaries are approaching; Hoover declines to run but comes out of retirement to stump for Republicans running for a variety of offices in effort to rebuild party.--Run time is 7 minutes and 20 seconds.

p>The March of Time
Trouble Beyond Our Shores, 1935-1936, Part 3

U.S.A. (The Townsend Plan) - 8:04

People over 60 want to get $200/month from Uncle Sam (conceived by Dr. Francis E. Townsend)
Starts 1:18, ends 8:22

Central America - 7:38

Drugs from Honduras (heroin) is coming through New Orleans. Feds track the baddie and also uncover a revolution and bunches of firearms. Drugs look like they float in on inner tubes.
Starts 8:23, ends 16:02

Japan-China - 7:58

Shows Hirohito, soldiers, Japanese bowing. industry and commerce. Japan's Manchukuo army base (part of China). Shows resentment of Italy's invasion of Ethiopia
Starts 16:02, ends 24:00

South Pacific - 5:43

Feds recruit young Honolulu aristocrats to stake claim on three islands in the South Pacific. Plans for a trans-pacific air route are disrupted when Britain, Australia, and Japan discover the U.S. actions. Jarvis, Baker, and Howland islands. British thought they owned it and leased to Aussies, Japanese annoyed because it's near their territories
Starts 24:35, ends 30:42

France - 4:11

France's official executioner--gets paid $200/head. Still using the guillotine.
Starts 30:43, ends 34:34

TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) - 8:29

Feds kick out rural farmers from land to build utilities, dams, etc. Private utilities are ticked off and take their case to Congress.
Starts 34:35, ends 43:04

Moscow - 8:06

"Under the second-year plan, Societs enjoy the fruits of their struggle for self-sufficiency." Alexei Stakhanov discovers method for speeding up coal production.
Starts 43:38, ends 51:44

Harlem - 6:35

"Father Divine" emerges as powerful African-American religious leader in Harlem. Catch phrases are "peace" and "thank you, father" (the latter is said to him). Inspires followers to change their names to things like "Heavenly Bouquet." Put up white man for president, so God can clean up Hoover's/Roosevelt's mess. Some shots of Savoy.
Starts 57:03, ends 1:03:38

French Guiana (Devil's Island) - 6:07

Prison settlement for French.
Starts 1:04:13, ends 1:10:20

Japan - 5:00

Japan's national defense and patriotism.
Starts 1:10:21, ends 1:15:21

New England - 5:17

Fishing industry.
Starts 1:15:22, ends 1:21:35


The March of Time
War and Labor Woes
Part 4

1. The Florida Canal, 6m 05s: Amazing that somebody thought of such a stupid idea and a good view of local boosterism, but not terribly interesting.
2. Bird-Dog National Championships, 4m 27s: ESPN2, 3:30 a.m.
3. The History of Arson Investigation, 6m 12s: Silly.
4. Veterans of Future Wars, 5m 35s: Coupled with a funny re-creation this is a great story about some college students who start a satiric anti-war campaign.
5. Relief Checks, 5m 33s: Important event but oddly meandering story. Appears to destigmatize receiving government money, but that doesn’t seem like Hearst.
6. Italy and Germany Defy League of Nations in Building up for War, 7m 15s: Many parallels to the U.N. today, especially in the American dislike of such bodies. Good brink of war history, but so-so overall.
7. Railroads, 8m 05s: The downward trend begins - railroad industry actually has qualms about taking bailout money from the government at this point. Amateurish.
8. Growing Crime Rate among Teens, 8m 44s: Great re-enactments, great look at society’s villainization of teens and scare-mongering. Long, but really good.
9. Otto of Hapsburg, 6m 52s: The man who would be king…oh, wait, he doesn’t really want to. Nevermind. (Yawn.)
10. Using Sex to Sell the Texas Centennial, 6m 43s: Must see it to believe it. Dallas and Fort Worth vying to show the most naked breasts in order to attract the most visitors. After seeing this I’m not sure we can condemn Greece for cleaning up their brothels before the next Olympics.
11. Trujillo, Dictator of the Dominican Republic, 5m 46s: A couple of examples of pop-Freudianism, but otherwise not too interesting.
12. Keeping Horse-Racing Clean, 8m 18s: Cagey Irish criminals and horse tampering stopped by self-policing. Sure, that always works. Pretty good. Good re-enactment.
13. French Socialism and its Discontents, 6m 40s: Honey, the French are revolting again. Pretty good.PRATT

14. Cotton Share-Croppers, 7m 36s: Important. Good.PRATT
15. King Zog of Albania, 6m 28s: Not as funny as the title would suggest. Shows the forgotten importance of the Balkan states.
16. History of Campers/Motor Homes, 6m 31s: Funny re-enactment. Interesting look at a phenomenon.

March of Time

The Great Depression Part 6

Reality and America's Dream 1937

The Mormon Church

The Mormon Church of Utah, with the wealthiest churchgoers in America, attempts to tackle the unemployment problem of the Great Depression by helping its members help themselves.

No concrete date is given in the program, but there was a W.P.A. Press Conference on February 25, 1937 with a reporter's query: "The March of Time picture last night had something to do with the program which the Mormon Church is putting forth…" so we can suppose that this item ran on February 24, 1937.

Winter Vacations

Middle-class Americans are now able to enjoy both winter and summer vacations. Miami and Miami beach become the main destinations for the middle-class, while Palm Beach remains the haven of the elite. Northern cities try to compete with the South by opening Ski Resorts.

Again, no concrete date given, but the bit mentions that "this year" Sun Valley Ski Resort opened in Ketchum, Idaho. Their website history reports that the resort opened to the public in the winter of 1936…

Conquering Cancer

The main health concern of this period is cancer, with over 23,000 medical students trying to cure the disease that killed 150,000 people the year before. Another concern is "quacks," racketeers attempting to make money off the victims by offering bogus cures.

Again, no date given, but it says that the Rockefellers donated money to New York Memorial Hospital for cancer research, which happened in 1936, and the program says the funds will be available "in 1937."

Enemies of Alcoholo

The newly established liquor market fights to compete with its two biggest enemies: bootleggers and the crusading "drys." The program mentions that it is 3 years since the repeal of Prohibition, which would make it 1936.

Father of All Turks

Mustapha Kemal takes Turkey from "the land of harem and fez" after WWI into an era of new nationalism and prosperity.

Birth of Swing

This new music craze of swing is found to be "the old jazz," originating from the New Orlean's Dixieland Jazz Band, who gets together for a reuinion appearance after 20 years.
The D.J.B's appearance was in early 1937.

Coronation Crisis

When popular King-to-be Edward renounces the crown of England for "the woman I love," the concern becomes great expense of the eminent Coronation and the effect it will have on the nation's economy. Luckily the emergence of the King George and the novelty of Edward paraphernalia saves the day. The coronation took place on May 12, 1937.

Harlem's Black Magic

In the Depression, many in Harlem turned to faith healers, divines, and voodoo to salve the wounds of poverty and unemployment. Again, no mention of a date. However, the F.T.P's "voodoo Macbeth," directed by Orson Welles, opened on April 14, 1936, and there is no mention of that in this episode…(perhaps we can assume this aired before that date??)

Child Labor

FDR's child labor laws come under fire from critics who believe the laws will take away parents' power over their children and gives the government too much regulatory power (includes inferences to Fascism) The Federal Child Labor Amendment was finally ratified in 1937 by 28 states.

Amateur Sleuths

In New Jersey, police use the expertise of local citizens to help solve crimes. The segment also covers the wave of popularity for crime solving kits and detective literature/fiction.

Britain's Food Defenses 6:21:07
As the Britons face the increasing prospect of war, preparedness becomes essential. When the armed forces begin recruiting young men, it is discovered that many of the working class are malnourished, setting off a campaign of nutrition and exercise for a healthy nation, and for healthier recruits.

Supreme Court

The efforts by FDR to stack the Supreme Court provoke controversy and strong public reaction.
This stacking began directly after his win in 1936 and ended with FDR's yielding in 1937.

Irish Republic-1937

The emergence of the Irish Free State is covered in this segment. American born Eamon de Valera was the first provisional president and remained so until the end of World War II when Commonwealth Status was achieved.

Puzzle Prizes

In efforts to halt illegal betting and lotteries, legal puzzle prizes and contests became an immediately popular national pasttime.

U.S. Unemployment

The Depression brought record numbers of unemployed in the U.S. This segment examines the efforts of the government to make provision for those unemployed.

March of Time: Trouble Broad 1937-1939

War Abroad: Depression at Home 1937: Part 1

Volume 3, Number 11

1. Poland and War: 5:42-- Poland expanding it's armies, keeping the citizen's poor. Riots in the Polish ghettos. Demonstrates Poland's need for military spending due to its precarious position in Europe---surrounded by enemies.

2. Dogs for Sale: 5:49-- 15 million dog owners in U.S.. This segment shows businesses that cater to dog lovers: primping, grooming, and special well-rounded doggy dinners. Seeing eye dogs become popular.

3. U.S. Dust Bowl: 6:03-- Department of Agriculture fights soil erosion in south west and mid west. Grim picture of the future. Farmers have to abandon their homes.

4. Rockefeller Millions: 5:11-- demonstration of Rockefeller philanthropy. Rockefeller Center becomes mecca for sightseers and philanthropic projects.

5. Babies Wanted: 5:48-- Shows that despite the falling birthrate in 1937, there are more orphans than ever before in U.S. history. Demonstrates the individual care each child receives and convinces viewer to want to adopt one of these babies. Avoid commercialized baby farms!

6. The 49th State?: 8:28-- This segment is on the strategic necessity for the U.S. to fortify and control Hawaii. U.S doesn't want to grant citizenship to Hawaiians so that it can maintain control, but Hawaiians are still loyal assuming that citizenship will eventually come.

7. The Spoils System: 7:05-- concerning the election of 1937, each candidate is pledging to relieve over-burdened tax payers from government extravagances- government payrolls swell- William Montgomery goes after spoils sysytem-- National Civil Service Reform League battles the number one enemy of the people: that state official who in return for party loyalty receives a large sum and control of jobs.

8. Youth in Camp: 6:49-- Demonstrates the movement to bring children up with discipline and confidence using youth Camps. Stressing competition, these youth camps define the gaining of inches and pounds as measures for sucess. Experimental program transplants under-priveledged kids into a survival camp--teaching them individuality and team work.

9. Rehearsal for War: 7:21-- The U.S. watches the Spanish war to acquire the knowlege concerning the science of warfare for national defense. The U.S. hypothesizes that the next big war will be started by either Germany or Italy-- the have-nots of Europe. Descriptions of Franco's fascist strategies suggest paradigm for blitzkrieg. U.S. categorically addresses each military threat and offers solution for home defense.

10. Pests of 1937: 6:08-- American agriculture is swept by a plague of pests including Dutch elm diseas (dung beetle) and unprecendented hordes of insects. The department of agriculture is in constant contact with field workers, stressing that everything is under control-- coordinating country-wide program. The plague costs America 3 billion dollars.

11. War in China: 12:38-- Japan attempts to become masters of the Orient by invading China. U.S. property is destroyed and some citizens are killed. U.S. tries to decide if it should enter the war. Much on the history of trade with Chian and the dangers of it beng upset.

March of Time

Trouble Abroad 1937-39 Part 2

Tensions Increase 1937

Junk and War

American steel is in high demand because of the war. Countries including Japan and Italy demand steel in all forms, especially scraps.

England's D.O.R.A.

Although British have enjoyed common law throughout history, D.O.R.A. (war-time regulations) now imposes rules such as bar closings at 10 p.m. The legislations interferes with shopkeepers' business, but there is no speculation yet as to when it will end.

Fiorello LaGuardia

LaGuardia, the first non-Tammany major of New York in decades, has reestablished and reorganized the government. His work includes restoring the city's credit (by taking a pay cut himself) as well as social reforms.

U.S. Secret Service

Each year, $500,000 in circulation is counterfeit. This segment depicts the work of the Secret Service to track and catch counterfeiters, including William Watts, who eluded the Service for over four years.

"Amoskeag" - Success Story

While textile mills relocated en masse to the South, Manchester, New Hampshire kept its Amoskeag mill which supported most of the town for four generations. When Amoskeag faced bankruptcy, much of the town left, but local businessmen and former mayor Arthur Murrow banded together to buy it back; they raised $5 million with the help of the entire state. Over the next year, they diversified the industry to prevent another collapse, making Manchester "the ghost city that returned to life."

Crisis in Algeria -LISA

Benito Mussolini is threatening to create a strong force around the Mediterranean and especially in Algeria, which France owns. Algeria is now strategically important as European powers begin factioning into two primary sides.

Britain's Gambling Fever

More popular than the sport of "football" (soccer, to Americans) in Britain are the betting pools surrounding the sport. Depression in London ensured the success of gambling, even though the odds of winning are much less than in most casino games. The British government is debating whether to outlaw gambling or to control it and tax it.

The Human Heart

Heart disease is now the leading cause of death in the United States, increasing over the last 25 years. Doctors rationalize the trend by pointing out that people live longer because of cures for other disease, making them more susceptible to a weak heart later in life. Despite the increase in disease, knowledge surrounding the heart and heart disease has also increased, making it possible to avoid untimely death.

Alaska's Salmon War

Alaska, which has become of strategic importance to the United States now that it can be reached by plane, thrives on fishing, especially of salmon. Japanese ships now threaten to deplete their livelihood by entering both their waters and their markets, as there are no laws preventing it. Americans will try to use moral suasion to deter the Japanese, but its effectiveness is doubtful.

Finland's 20th Birthday

Finland, which achieved its independence 20 years ago, has proved itself to be a successful nation. It has industrialized, increased economic relations with the United States, and most importantly to some, paid all of its debts.

The Laugh Industry -LISA

New York is the center of entertainment, and radio is king. Comedians must spend countless hours each week preparing jokes, and although gag specialists have libraries of humor, it is comedians like Jack Benny who gets the laughs, sometimes 75 in a 30-minute period.


Joseph Kennedy heads a committee to determine the problem and possible solutions abroad merchant marine ships, which are consistently unruly. The U.S. Maritime Survey was the result of Kennedy's work, which recommends new ships, routes, and training schools to restore discipline. Although the Maritime Union saw it as the first step in a series of legislation against them, nothing was done to appease them.

Spotlight on War 1938 Part 4

Men of Medicine Running time: 16:30

With over 165,000 in America, doctors played a vital role in American life. Medical innovations like anesthesia and pasteurization were still fairly new, and the wonder-drug insulin made life bearable for thousands of diabetics. Mental hygiene was also recognized as an integral part of medical care.

A major problem facing the medical profession was the need for free clinical services. The Great Depression filled these existing clinics, and a debate on the benefits of socialized medicine began. G-Men of the Seas Running time: 16:15

This episode extolled the US Coast Guard as unsung American heroes protecting every mile of US shoreline. Playing an important role in peacetime as well as wartime, the Coast Guard was involved in things like flood relief and saving shipwrecks. Harking back to the days of the rum-runners was a new charge: to revitalize its anti-piracy program and to stop offenders ranging from poachers to arms smugglers. Man at the Wheel Running time: 11:57

By 1938, the automobile had become a staple of American family life and afforded them the opportunity to go on leisurely vacations to the ocean or national and state parks. With more automobiles on the road, car accidents became a growing problem. Police officers thus had to adapt in a mission to prevent and "lower the frightful annual cost" of traffic accidents.

Threat to Gibraltar Running time: 8:38

The English fort of Gibraltar, straddling the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, was being threatened by a Fascist Moor uprising in the nearby island of Tangier. Historically a military counter to Gibraltar, the island of Tangier was essentially run by France, but that hold was slipping to Muslim revolutionaries influenced by the Spanish leader Franco.

Prelude to Conquest Running time: 10: 42 All eyes were on Prague, Czechoslovakia, as Hitler had taken Austria and demanded that Czechoslovakia cede Sudetenland to Germany. The Czech president, Eduard Benes, staunchly refused to surrender his peoples' 20-year old freedom.

Father Divine's Deal Running time: 9:17

Father Divine became perhaps the most respected figure in Harlem as an evangelical reformer. Unfailingly feeding his flock twice a day in his free banquets, Divine gathered thousands of supporters. His influenced extended beyond Harlem, as cooperatives sprang up in the New York countryside.

US Firefighters Running time: 6:43

Two-hundred and fifty million dollars of property in the US was destroyed by fire in 1937. Franklin Wentworth and others began a campaign in Boston to promote fire prevention strategies.

The British Dilemma Running time: 11:32

Banned by British censors, this episode discussed Hitler's plan for European conquest. Britain was the one European nation feared by Hitler, and his plan depended on keeping Britain out of war. In an effort to remain peaceful after the devastation of the First World War, England had grown militarily lax, giving Hitler the opportunity to grow stronger.

March of Time
Germany and Other Problems 1938

Inside Nazi Germany 00:00- 15:36 - MARY
Hitler has given man a gob and newfound security, but at the expense of freedom. Demands of the Nazi state, glorified by Goebbels, are extremely exacting. Nothing must be wasted, "collection" are actually compulsory, youth is regimented, Jews an Communists are blamed for everything.

The Missing One 15:37-21:03
Every sixteen minutes a missing person is reported to New York's missing persons bureau. Caption John Stein reviews some reasons why people vanish. The Skip Treasure Company and radio programs show the interest in missing persons throughout the US.

Russians in Exile 21:04-26:38
Starting in 1917, over 1,5,00,000 White Russians fled the revolution. Many went to Paris. In the U.S. a few achieved success while others worked at humbler tasks. News that the Nansen committee may be abolished worries them.

Old Dixie's New Bloom 26:39-34:09
Dr. Charles Homes Herty discovers in the southern slash pine a new source of fine paper and pulp, and with it a 100,000,000 dollar industry.

Brain Trust Island 34:10-45:11
Under direction of Brain truster, Julius Stone, Key West, in doldrums because of vanished industries, is being rehabilitated. Even the hurricane's damage to their railroad cannot daunt the Key Westers. But they fear and influx of brassy promoters

Arms and the League 45:12-52:17- MARY
Japan marches into China. Nazi Germany rearms. Italy aids Franco against the Loyalist government of Spain. Japan, Germany, and Italy quit the spineless Leaguer. In England Chamberlain forces out League-advocate Eden while crowds protest. With mounting bills the nations move towards war.

Crime and Prisons 52:18-1:01:54
Four-fifths of men in prison have committed "soft" crimes and are being corrupted by being jailed with the "hard" criminals. New facilities are being built to house these men and teach them skills to use once released into society.

Nazi Conquests-No.1 1:01:55-1:12:39 - MARY
Reporters are on scene in foreign countries as public interest in international affairs increase. Austria political history is given and leads to Hitler's takeover.

Racketeers VS Housewives 1:12:40-1:19:01
Dishonest storekeepers are cheating housewives out of their house budgets. US manufactures make effort to protect their name and reputation.

England's Bankrupt Peers 1:19:02-1:24:09
England's wealthy attempt to keep estates afloat after the land and rearmament taxes increase. Some nobles loose their homes; others turn to getting jobs, or turning their homes into schools.

Friend of the People 1:24:10-1:31:31
In 1938's Congressional election, candidates are on their own as party lines are "crumbling".

March of Time, Part 6

War, Peace and America 1939

The Mediterranean: Background for War

In the Fascist-inspired Moslem unrest, Europe sees the background for war shifting to the Mediterranean. Mussolini seeks further converts, together with control of Europe's inland sea. Especially he converts Tunisia - the one link needed to barrier the Mediterranean. SHARON

Japan - Master of the Orient

To the Japanese people, daily reports of smashing victories are the triumph of a holy crusade. To the rest of the world they are shameful examples of unprovoked aggression. Japan used the new arts of western civilization to make this war. Her militaries are in complete control. She pleads need for lebensraum. Not all her conquest has been profit. Her economy is in a sorry state.

Dixie - U.S.A.

President Roosevelt, nominating the South the nation's number one economic problem, appointed Lowell Mellett of the National Emergency Council to make a survey of economic conditions there with a view to remedying conditions. Problems are: the cotton crop with single crop fluctuations, the Negro, sharecropping, substandard education, Tuskegee Institute and the C.C.C. have shown what the Negro can do, given proper conditions. Crop diversification, new industries will help.

War, Peace & Propaganda

In a war or peace, propaganda goes on. The World's Fair has 59 nations promoting good will - with Nazi Germany conspicuously absent. The institute of Propaganda Analysis points out that unlike Fascist and Communist propaganda, British efforts are directed at emphasizing and identity of interests. Few Americans remembered that the King and Queen were here to sell U.S. citizens England's point of view. Though Britain's stage is set for war, she preserves a peace offensive with the friendly nations of Europe.


To protect the lives and activities of New York City's 7.5 million people, 19,000 trained policemen patrol the 325 square mile area covered by this diverse community. The varied elements that go to make up the legendary city and their problems are presented.

The March of Time presents Trouble Abroad 1937-1939

Uncle Sam: The Observer 1938-1939

Inside the Maginot Line 1938

19 minutes

The men of France, "soldiers of a free people" serve compulsory time in the country's armed forces, dedicated to protecting their country from another invasion. The first line of French defense is the 125 mile Maginot Line, a system of underground fortresses which can house 250,000 men for a year.

Uncle Sam:The Good Neighbor

17 minutes

Franklin Roosevelt announces that U.S. Foreign Policy is to be Good Neighbors to all countries. He names Cordell Hull to head the Department of State and the American Foreign Service and to recruit citizens for careers in the foreign service. These consuls are asked to maintain the prestige of the United States abroad. The Good Neighbor Policy extends to strengthening ties to South American countries as Nazi propoganda arrives there.

The Refugee 1939

17 minutes

Hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees fleeing from Nazi Germany are looking for new homelands. Some immigrate to the United States, France, England, and Palestine. The brutality exposed by the refugees is further proof to the world that its nations need to be strong in love for tolerance and freedom.

U.S.A.:State of the Nation

17 minutes

As the New Deal reaches its seventh year, Fortune magazine employs statisticians Gallup and Roper to approximate the public opinion of Roosevelt's presidency. Their polling system proves to predict Roosevelt's re-election within one percent. Through the efficient tests and polls, the American citizens can better voice to their government their approval and disapproval.

Mexico's New Crisis

9 minutes

President Cardenas brings a new form of state socialism to Mexico, bordering on Communism, which he campaigns as "Mexico for Mexicans." His government seizes property to redistribute to the poor, which results in a substantial descrease in agricultural production. Mexico begins bartering oil with Germany which brings no relief to the Mexican farmers and workers and receives criticism for establishing a precedent for fascist nations.

Young America 1939

The Boy Scout Manual becomes one of the world's best-sellers,encouraging individuality in young boys as opposed to the conformity of fascism found in Hitler's Mein Kamp . Boyscouts pledge to God and country and to respect the rights of others.