The 1930s in Print:

Blue Plate Special: An Anthology of 30s Prose
This collection has crime fiction, some real event reportage, strikes and riots as well as humor. Like a good square meal, it has a little bit from every group. Put them all together and you have a wholesome taste of the decade.

The Tradition of the Mountains
An analysis of the southern Appalachian Mountains in literature.

Ideological Conflicts: Absalom Absalom and Gone with the Wind
A comparison of two books about the South, one a high modernist text by William Faulkner which few read at the time, the other the broadly popular fiction by Margaret Mitchell.

The Dancer's Dance: Mules and Men—a Hypertext
The complete text of this important work by Zora Neale Hurston includes extensive editorial and critical commentary, images and biographies.

The WPA Guide to the Old Dominion
Full text of this volume in the WPA Guide Series in addition to a series of projects directed at researching what the Guide did not describe, the actual life of citizens in the Old Dominion.

American Humor: A Study of the National Character
Constance Rourke's insightful study of American Folk Culture. From Yankee peddlers to Ring-Tailed Roarers from the Old Southwest, from Davy Crockett to Melville, Emerson, Thoreau and Whitman, Rourke maps the peculiar shape and texture of American humor. The full text digitized.

Made in America: The Arts in American Civilization
The full text of John Kouwenhoven's study of the vernacular tradition in American Culture, especially what Kouwenhoven calls "the practical aesthetic" which underlies both the original agrarian culture and the emergent industrial culture.

The Seven Lively Arts
The full text of Gilbert Seldes ground breaking account and defense of American Popular Arts, of film, popular music and dance, musical comedy, cartoons, and popular fiction.

Only Yesterday: An Informal History of the 1920s
The full text of Frederick Lewis Allen's classic account of the eleven years between the defeat of Germany in WW I to the stock market crash in October, 1929 from the perspective of the Depression.

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