Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

The year is 2435. The United States does not exist as we know it today. Oppressed for the last few centuries by foreign rule, rebel groups -- Orgs -- have just banded together to fight the Mongols. With their hidden headquarters at Niagara Falls, the Orgs have steadily regained the lost technology necessary to reclaim the United States as a land of freedom and democracy. Events leading up the this set of strips have laid the groundwork for the United States to finally climb out of the oppressive pit and regain its former glory.

Echoing the bitter struggle to raise the country out of the depression and the hope granted through the New Deal, Buck Rogers offers a keen insight into the minds of the 30s, complete with a distrust of the foreign and the struggle for cleanliness. The following series takes place shortly after the Mongol Emporer has been captured. Buck and Wilma are secretly on their way to Mongolia to present their demands before the Mongol Celestial Ruler and reclaim America in the name of freedom.

It begins with the mission...

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