THIMBLE THEATRE! - Starring Popeye and Friends

Elzie Segar's "Thimble Theatre" came out in 1919 for the first time, and his characters continue to experience wide popularity even today. Originally the strip did not center around the favorite "Popeye, the Sailor Man", but rather around the Oyl family. The Oyl's featured Olive, the well-known romantic interest of Popeye, Castor, her brother, Nana, her mother, and Cole, her father. Eventually, however, the strip's regular characters became the ones with which we're most familiar. The strip was remarkable for its ability to mix the fantastic with the absolutely mundane. The location of the strip's narratives ranged from everyday America to islands in Polynesia. In fact, it was precisely this ability to closely align fantasy and reality that made Segar such a hit with audiences in the Depression, audiences looking for an escape and a laugh.