Exile's Return

Malcolm Cowley's Exile's Return was first published in 1934 by Viking Press. Subtitled "A Literary Odyssey of the 1920s", the book explores the development of literature in the early twentieth century. Cowley's work includes his own personal narratives about his relationships with many of the best writers from the start of the century. Exile's Return is particularly concerned with the movement of these authors out of America after the Great War, and then back again in the 1920s. This work leads up to the 1930s and allows us to see how the 30s understood their preceding decades. I have included representative selections that introduce Cowley's interests, a few of his favorite literary figures, and some closing remarks. I hope the reader will get a feel for both Cowley's argument, and his prose style.

Created by Dustin Kidd for American Studies at the University of Virginia
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