"Dad had my room do\ne over... And gave me a

Telephones make pleasing presents to active sons and daughters.

You can make this Christmas memorable for the younger generation in your home by providing them with personal telephones. Sons and daughters these days are modern, capable, businesslike. They have interests and obligations of their own. They'll welcome the courtesy and convenience of telephones in their rooms-and enjoy life more.

No need to neglect the rest of the household, though! Mother could use a telephone in her boudoir, or on her writing desk, a dozen times a day. Dad deserves one in his den beside the easy chair. Cook can stay close to her busy oven, with a telephone in the kitchen. Fact is, all the family will kind living so much easier-if they have enough telephones!

Why not arrange to have this time-saving, step-saving convenience in your home by Christmas? The local telephone company will advise you on the best type of equipment for your individual requirement. Just call the Business Office-now.