Among the conveniences of the Moder Kitchen is a Telephone

It is so handy in answering calls... in ordering the days provisions. . . in household communication

THE kitchen of the modern home is not alone a place for the preparation of food . . . it has emerged into something of an office for the household. HereÄover the kitchen telephone, or one in the pantry adjoiningÄorders for supplies are placed. Communication is had vith other rooms in the house, and the servants' calls can be handled without disturbing the rest of the household.

In smaller homes, the kitchen telephone is especially important . . . in avoiding, for instance, such domestic tragedies as burnt biscuits, or scorched roasts.

Telephones contribute to convenience in every part of the house. The modern idea is to have them sufficient in number, and so located, as to give the greatest ease in the use of the service. Each residence has its special opportunities for telephone convenience. Your local Bell Company will be glad to plan with you the arrangements best suited to your own. Telephone them today.