It Would take a good line to explain a bad lining

IT hardly does to make excuses when the coat room girl unearths the horror of a coat lining as ragged as the ruffles of a Russian refugee. Best to say nothing - now - but to remember to say "Earl-Glo" loudly and firmly - the next time you buy any apparel.

Earl-Glo is that modern rayon lining, guaranteed for the life of the garment, identified by a lable good manufacturers sew into the coats or suits good retailers sell."Earl-Glo" is perspiration-proof, superior in texture, pattern and lustre - in fact it is quite the gentlemanly lining.

Rayon lining fabrics

Superior in texture, appearance and durability to more expensive fabrics - fast to perspiration - in a variety of smart colors and patterns - the modern lining material guaranteed for the life of the garment.