TWENTY YEARS AGO, Fisher built the best bodies known then; today, it is building the highest qualify bodies available now─in any given price field. Contrast the body attributes of Chevrolet, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Marquette, Oakland, Viking, Buick, La Salle or Cadillac─all with Body by Fisher ─with those of any cars in :their price field, and the difference in favor of the Fisher Body car is almost startling. Fisher Body, by reason of its vastly superior ability to build greater body value and quality, is actually able to use the same basic kind of construction in bodies for cars in the lowest price field as is employed for cars of highest price. That is why the Fisher Body car continues attractive, inside and outside, in finish, in upholstery, in wood work, in fittings; and remains weather proof and free from noise. Twenty years of rigid adherence to highest quality standards and of constant endeavor to produce that quality at lower costs, thus finds its full fruition today, in every body which Fisher builds.