ALL the machinery is on top . . . do you realize the importance of this simple statement? Do you know that this radically different design was chosen only after fifteen years of painstaking research in the laboratories of General Electric to determine the simplest, the most efficient, the most worry-proof arrangement?

The General Electric Refrigerator is one of the outstanding engineering achievements of recent

years. All its mechanism is contained in an hermetically sealed steel casing, mounted on top of the refrigerator. There it is safe from dust and difficulties. It never needs oiling. It operates so quietly that you can scarcely hear it.

As for its installationÄthat is a matter of minutes. There is no soldering, plumbing or wiring. You simply attach the cordÄjust as you would with an electric ironÄto any outlet, and turn on the switch.

Automatically, economically, this machinery which you never see gives you the perfect refrigeration that safeguards health. It keeps your food always within the safety zoneÄwell below the fifty degree danger point. It makes plenty of ice cubes for you . . . and uses surprisingly little current. You will want complete specifications of all the models. You can get them by merely dropping us a card asking for a descriptive Booklet N-2.