Milestones in National Service
An Advertisement of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company

There are twenty-five Bell companiesbut only one Bell System - and one Bell aim and ideal, stated byPresident Walter S.Gifford as:

"A telephone service for this nation, so far as humanly possible free from imperfections, errors or delays, and enabling anyone anywhere at any time to pick up a telephone and talk to anyone else anywhere else in this country, clearly, quickly and at a reasonable cost."

The past year brought the service of the Bell Telephone System measurably nearer that goal. Seven hundred and eighty-one thousand telephones were added to the System-bringing the total number interconnected in and with the Bell to more than seventeen and a half million. The number of applications waiting for service, including those in new and outlying sections, was reduced fifty percent.

A third transcontinental telephone line was completed to the Pacific coast.

The largest number of miles of toll wire for one year was added to the System-more than 664,000 miles.

The average length of time for completing toll calls throughout the System was lowered by thirty-five seconds.

A seven per cent improvement over the previous year was made in the quality of voice transmission in toll calls.

An adjustment was made in long distance rates amounting to a reduction of about $3,000,000 annually.

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