Mr. Tyler wears a top hat

Why does Mr. Tyler wear a top hat ? He doesn't have to. Fact is, he'd feel more comfortable in a cap.

But a top hat does something to Mr. Tyler. It gives him poise . . . a sense of appearing at his best. It enables him to swagger . . . makes him feel a little bit superior . . . raises him above the rest of the crowd.

And Vanity Fair is like that hat. It does something to you. It bucks you up . . . gives you that warm little feeling of ~ier~etre . . . makes you feel intellectually taller.

For Vanity Fair tells you the exciting things you have to know. Latest news of the theatre, talking cinema, the world of art and letters. What's happening in sports, fashions and aviation. Humor . . . satire . . . caricatures. Inspiration for a thousand hours of dinner table conversation.

Of course you'll want it regularly. If you'll mail the coupon in the corner with your check for five dollars, it will save you a small fortune in money, and a monthly trip to the news stand . . . and keep your head above the crowd . . . for two full years. You couldn't ask snore than that of five dollars t

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