Somebody paid $3,500 for this


Why did Picasso, master draughtsman, choose to paint a portrait like this? - Why Braque . . . Derain. . . Matisse... Cezanne? -What do they mean? What do you say when your pretty dinner partner asks you? - Could you even tell if this were wrong side up? - You've got to know. Not just gulp soup! - One way to find out . . .


Every issue contains: Everything new in all the arts, reported from all the great world capitals. Letters: Schnitzler, Molnar, Morand, Lawrence, Huxley, Anderson . . . and a galaxy of their colleagues. Talking Cinema: Estimates, criticisms, photographs of beauties. Music: Classic, jazz, modern... composers, conductors, critics. Theatres: New plays, tendencies, stars, producers, photosgraphs by Steichen.. Caricatures The subtle art of ridicule at its height . . . Covarrubias, Benito, Belcher, Luks, Barton. Dancing: Who's who at the current shows and clubs . . . the new ballets . . . toes beautiful, toes fantastic. Fashions: The mode for men who consider it a necessary social grace to be well-groomed . . . women's sports clothes. Capitals: Brilliant people . . . gay life . . . New York, London, Paris' Vienna . . . viewpoints of smart cosmopolitans. Bridge: Expert discussion of every new point in the world's most argumentative amusement. And various other sports and ammusements... particularly tennis and golf