Which fork would you have used -
or would you have used a spoon?

It was a fruit cocktail! One of those things that could be eaten with either fork or spoon. But the laws of etiquette decree that one only of these implements is correct. So she guessed-and guessed wrong. How she longed for a curtain to envelop her when she looked around and discovered her mistake!

She knew that it was sympathy which prompted her companions to appear not to have noticed her blunder. Her forced smile, her attempts to talk and her struggle to appear happy, only added to the outward signs of shame. And all through the meal the constant fear of blundering hovered over her.

So an otherwise happy evening was turned into an occasion of humiliation and regret.

No one would want to wear a sign saying "I am vulgar; I don't belong to polite society!" And yet many persons advertise their ignorence just as plainly when they sit to eat.