These Are Our Lives: Politics

Miss Nancy doesn't vote; Mr. Marsh is a conservative Democrat and votes a straight Democratic ticket because he believes firmly in the two tenets of old-line Democracy: white supremacy, low tariffs. He does vote liberal in the primaries because he feels that to do otherwise would be throwing away his vote; the socialistic trend is necessary and coming. The best thing is to make if sound and peaceful. He doesn't object to the government's spending relief money because he thinks that in addition to providing needed work for people idle through no fault of their own, he is, as a tax-payer and property owner, paying for security. -- Marsh Taylor, landlord


"I'm a Democrat; I stand for the New Deal and Roosevelt. I am for the WPA, the NYA, the NRA, the AAA, the FHA, and crop control. I'm going to vote for control in December. We've mighty little of the government money but I'm still saying that the WPA, CCC, and all the rest is shore doing a big part for North Carolina. The government shore give us enough when it paid for Amy's leg operation." -- John Easton, white farm laborer

"Turner ought not to be a-workin' wid de WP and A. De gover'ment's got no business a-payin' out relief money and a-givin' WP and A jobs to farmers. de old age pensions is all right for old folks dat's 'flicted and can't do. take Papa dere; he can't work in de place, but he's seen too many years to get out and work by de day. But able-bodied landers has got no business a-havin' to look to de gover'ment for a livin'. Dey ought to live of'n de land." -- Gracie Turner, Negro sharecropper

"I ain't never voted yet. Ain't old enough and don't think I will till I git old enough, neither. My papa, he's a 'Publican, but I'm going to be a Democrat myself. He don't vote in every election neither. but I'm going to when I git old enough. I'll take them all in as they come." Milliard Ketchum, CCC boy