President Franklin Delano Roosevelt could be identified by his voice alone. his reelections can be traced directly to his talented voice and use of the radio medium. Where other presidential nominees faltered on air or could not be understood, Roosevelt remained collected and knew how to influence and inform the people of this country.

Various Pictures of RooseveltWith his fireside chats he swept into the homes of the average citizen. He told them of his great desire to see this nation proper; he told them of his plans to accomplish this prosperity. He spoke of the dark days of the Depression and the bright days of the New Deal. And his dreams and plans slowly came true. The nation watched and listened as the new ideas helped alleviate the utter despair. They trusted and loved this President who proved to them repeatedly that he meant what he said.

Many researchers would say it was Roosevelt's voice alone which gathered the praise of the nation. His radio address style was so distinctive, the nation learned to read their president over the airwaves. The slower he spoke, the more important the message. Listeners were individuals in his speeches -- "you" -- and he was never distant -- "I". The important speeches were always delivered on Sunday nights between 8:00 and 10:00 to allow for the broadest target audience. And his addresses were always short and to the point. He never kept an audience wondering as to the nature of the address.

When the young Mercury Theatre actor came on the air portraying the "Secretary of the Interior", listeners responded to his voice and delivery style and ignored the announcer's introduction. This was their President. Even those who heard the title of the speaker credited it as a mistake on the announcer's part. The nation knew what their beloved President sounded like over the air.

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