Major Collections

The 1930s Timeline

A large collection of audio and video newsreels presented chronologically and in contemporary context

New Frontiers in American Film Documentary

Chronicles the explosion of documentary films in the US during the 30s. Site includes synopses and clips of films as well as bios of the artists involved. It also includes the full versions of The City, People of the Cumberland, and Valley Town.

The March Toward War
The March of Time, Time, Inc.'s long running radio and film documentary series, as Documentary and Propaganda.

Reaping the Golden Harvest: Pare Lorentz, Poet and Filmmaker

A close look at four of Lorentz's works produced as "Films of Merit" under the auspices of FDR's Resettlement Administration. Includes a clip from The Plow that Broke the Plains as well as The River and The City in their entirety.

The Year in Review

Not yet available

Modern fashions; Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade; Chinese opium traffic; world's biggest automobile.

Amelia Earhart; rout of the Bonus Army; pontoon hydroplane; Cubs vs. Yankees in World Series; Lindberg kidnapping.

Hitler comes to power in Germany; F.D.R.'s 1st Inaugural; Indianapolis 500; anti-Nazi parade in N.Y.C.; the Minnesotta State Fair.

Dillinger killed; draught in the midwest; fall fashions; strike in San Francisco, Minneapolis, and Toledo; airplane and automobile crashes; fire aboard the Morro Castle at sea.

Bruno Hauptman found Guilty in Lindberg kidnapping; Italian fascists embark for Abyssinia; Germany re-arms; American neutrality; passage of the Social Security Bill; Huey Long's Share the Wealth campaign; Huey Long assasinated; F.D.R. dedicates Hoover Dam.

F.D.R. proclaims American neutrality; Italians conquer Abyssinia; Bonus Bill passes the House; Jesse Owens returns after Olympic triumph; high wire artist; strike at a Pennsylvania shipyard.

Not yet available.

Washington Senators in spring practice; dancing on the 20th floor; Four Power Conference in Munich; praciticing safe breakfast; the boy in the iron lung; man jumps to death in N.Y.C.

Germany invades Poland; British carrier sunk; London during the Blitz; 40th annual Auto Show; N.Y. vs. Cincinnati in the World Series.

Germany invades the low countries, the Battle of Dunkirk and the surrender of France, Britains resistence stiffens, American paratroopers in training, U.S. navy buildup, and the initiation of the first peace time draft.

The 1930s