Columbia Radio Workshop "Now It's Summer"

9:00-9:30 PM

This saccharine comedy features a physics teacher who is completely wrapped up in his work. A daydreaming pupil makes him realize that he is missing some part of life that he used to love. He wanders into a park where he predictably finds some of what he has taken for granted.

Still deep in reverie, he fixes his eyes for too long upon a cooing young couple. They admonish him. Just as he begins to emotionally beat himself up over the incident, a girl half his age enters the scene from nowhere. Her carefree spirit contrasts with his dreary pragmatism. Her off-hand comment about the unlikelihood of finding a job tomorrow suggests that maybe the Depression is not really so depressing. They decide to go on a date, and the listener is just sure everything will be swell.

Beginning in 1936, the program aired intermittently in various forms until 1957. Featuring a variety of plays, including Fall of the City by Archibald MacLeish, the show offered listeners creative and challenging programming. This program helped establish radio a viable artistic media.