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  • Former President Calvin Coolidge dies at age 60
  • Michigan governor William Comstock orders all banks in the state to close for eight days
  • Joe Zangara attempts to assassinate FDR in Miami, but instead kills Chicago mayor Anton Cermak and wounds three others
FDR's innauguration
  • Chicago World's Fair--"A Century of Progress"--opens
  • Birth of National Recovery Administration
  • Kansas City jury sentences Walter McGee to hang for kidnapping Mary McElray, part of a nationwide wave of kidnappings
  • Guards use tear gas and bullets to quell riot during a Pennsylvania coal mine strike
  • Alcatraz becomes home to nation's worst criminals
  • 2,000 rural schools fail to open for the Fall Semester, 200,000 teachers are unemplyed and some 2.3 million children are not in school; colleges and universities are also forced to close
  • Sir Malcolm Campbell sets land speed record of 272.1 m.p.h. on the beach at Daytona, FL
  • Armstrong developes FM (frequency modulation) broadcasting
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  • Lt. Cmdr. Francis Monroe Hawks breaks his own record for with a non-stop cross-country flight of 13.5 hours, aided by his autopilot "Mr. Zilch"
  • Wiley Post completes solo flight around the world in 7 days, 18 hours, 49 minutes with the aid of such technology as automatic pilot
  • A fleet of Italian seaplanes touches down on Lake Michigan as part of the Chicago Exposition
  • Maud Slye of the University of Chicago announces the likliehood that susceptibility to cancer is inheritable
Wiley Post
  • Dictograph Products and Sonotone each announce improvements in marketable hearing aids
  • Plant pathologists determine cause of Dutch Elm Disease
  • Marconi announces discovery of micro-waves
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  •  Fay Wray co-stars with a giant mechanical ape in King Kong
King Kong
1933 Chicago World's Fair
  •  American Theatre of Radio :crime drama based on a story in American Weekly Magazine , the Sunday insert in all Hearst newspapers.
Films Released in 1933
  • She Done Him Wrong, starring Mae West
  • 42nd Street, starring Julian Marsh
  • King Kong, starring Fay Wray
  • Duck Soup, The Marx Brothers (RealAudio)
  • The Three Little Pigs, produced by Walt Disney
  • Gold Diggers of 1933 #1 and #2, starring Joan Blondell (RealAudio)
  • Footlight Parade, starring James Cagney
Songs Released in 1933
  • New York Giants (NL) defeat the Washington Senators (AL) in five games to win 30th World Series
  • Footlight Parade features choreography by Busby Berkeley
Footlight Parade
Books Released in 1933
  • God's Little Acre, by Erskine Caldwell
  • A Draft Of XXX Cantos, by Ezra Pound
  • Anthony Adverse, by Hervey Allen
  • The Thin Man, by Dashiell Hammett
  • The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, by Gertrude Stein
  • God's Little Acre, by Erskine Caldwell
  • Manhattan Federal Judge John M. Woolsey rules in favor of author James Joyce in case of "The U.S. v. One Book Entitled Ulysses," a decisive victory for freedom of publishing that narrows the definition of pornography
    •  American Theatre of Radio :sentimental drama based on a story in American Weekly, the Sunday insert in all Hearst newspapers.

  • Adolph Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany

    Adolph Hitler
  • Reports of Nazi mistreatment of Jews include dismissals from government and business positions, shop boycotts, raiding of homes, and beatings
  • The Reichstag, the seat of German government, burns in Berlin
  •  Chinese Athletic Games
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  • An uneasy truce in war between China and Japan stirs Chinese civil unrest
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  • Gerardo Machado forced to step down as president of Cuba during "August Revolution"
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