• Congress passes Adjusted Compensation Act for immediate redemption of WWI bonus certificates.
  • Second Neutrality Act passed, adds prohibition of granting US loans to belligerents
  • Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act replaces Agricultural Adjustment Act
  • Bruno Richard Hauptmann executed for kidnapping and killing the Lindbergh baby in 1932 newsreel clip
  • Socialist Party nominates Norman Thomas, Pres. Candidate
  • Republicans nominate Alfred M. Landon & Frank Knox; Democrats nominate FDR & John Nance
  • Robinson-Patman Act prohibits price-lowering and monopolies US Act passed granting Virgin Islands right to elect its own legislature
  • Merchant Marine Act establishes US Maritime Commission to regulate merchant marine
  • Walsh-Healet Public Contracts Act sets minimum wages, 8 hr days, 40 hr weeks, no child labor for companies with gov. contracts
1936 Miscellaneous
Educator Robert M. Hutchins publishes The Higher Learning in America
Gross national debt is $34 billion. Gov. expenditures rise due to relief programs
T. S. Eliot begins Four Quartets, finishes 1942
Electric guitars debut
BBC broadcasts first world TV service with 3 hours a day programming
Riefenstahl directs Nazi films Triumph of the Will and Olympia
  • Boulder Dam Boulder (Hoover) Dam on Colorado River completed creating Lake Mead, largest reservoir in US
  • FDR and New Deal attacked. Eighty percent of Americans endorse Rep. Party; The Literary Digest predicts a landslide by Landon
  • Roosevelt WinsFDR defeats Landon by landslide: 27,751,612 popular votes to 16,681,913; 523 to 8 electoral college votes.
  • San Francisco transbay bridge completed linking SF and Oakland
  • Luce publishes Life, weekly photographic news and feature magazine
    • United Auto WorkersUnited Auto Workers begin sit-down strike at GM plant in Flint, Michigan; ends Feb 1937
    Science and Technology Advances
    Chemist Robert R. Williams synthesizes thiamine (vitamin B)
    Carrel & Lindbergh invent perfusion pump, first artificial heart used during cardiac surgery
    Electroluminescence, later used for fluorescent lighting, is discovered
    Science and Technology Advances
    Elec. engineer George H. Brown invents turnstile antenna, a standard for TV & fm broadcasting
    US Weather Bureau begins showing fronts & isolines on weather maps
    Carl Anderson wins Nobel Prize in Physics for discovering the positron
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    • Baseball Hall of Fame is established at Cooperstown, NY
    • Orson Welles directs all black cast in Macbeth for Negro People's Theatre, part of the Federal Theatre Project
    • Robert Frost's A Further Range, Robert E. Sherwood's Idiot's Delight, and Harold L. Davis' Honey in the Horn by Harold L. Davis win Pulitzer Prizes
    • George Kaufman and Moss Hart write Pulitzer Prize wining play You Can't Take it With You
    Films Released in 1936
    Camille -- Greta Garbo
    Fury -- dir. Fritz Lang
    The Great Ziegfeld -- Best Picture winner
    Modern Times -- dir. Charlie Chaplin
    Mr. Deeds Goes to Town -- dir. Frank Capra
    Swing Time -- Astaire & Rogers
    • Benny Goodman becomes first bandleader to integrate racially his band by hiring pianist Teddy Wilson and vibraphonist Lionel Hampton
    • Rose Coyle of Pennsylvania wins Miss America pageant
    • Nobel Prize for literature to Eugene O'Neill for his powerful drama
    1936 Popular Songs
    Pennies from Heaven -- Bing Crosby
    Goody-Goody -- Benny Goodman
    Alone -- Tommy Dorsey
    The Way you Look Tonight -- Fred Astaire
    The Glory of Love -- Benny Goodman
    A Fine Romance -- Fred Astaire
    • Germany denounces the Treat of Lacarno and reoccupied the Rhineland
    • US signs treaty with Panama enlarging Panama's authority in Canal Zone
    • Ethiopia falls to Italian Army. Haile Selassie flees
    • Hindenburg arrives at Lakehurst, N.J., the first scheduled transatlantic dirigible flight.
    • S.S. Queen Mary, the largest liner afloat, arrives in NYC from England on its first voyage
    • Spanish Army proclaims revolution against government in Madrid, headed by leftist Popular Front. General Francisco Franco leader of full-fledged civil war.
    • US announces it will not interfere in Spanish Civil War
    • Summer Olympics, Berlin, American Jesse Owens wins fours gold medals in track and field
    • Hitler and Mussolini sign the Rome-Berlin axis accord
    • FDR opens Inter-American Conference at Buenos Aires, Latin American nations will consult with US for "mutual safety" newsreel clip
    • King Edward VIII of Great Britain abdicates his throne in favor of his love for American divorcee, Wallis Warfield Simpson newsreel clip