When were you enrolled in the program?

Respondent #17: I was enrolled in 1995-'96 and am a member of the MA96 class.

How did you learn of the program?

I found out about the program while researching graduate schools.

Why did you enter the program, and did it meet your expectations? I thought that the AS@UVa program would allow me to combine my cross-disciplinary interests.

What did you find most valuable about the program?

It exposed me to career options that I had never imagined. As a Humanities major, I was destined to end up as either a teacher or an editor.

Was the program different in any significant ways from your earlier education?

It was much more hands-on and gave me my first taste of producing for a commercial audience.

Did the program help you develop any of these aspects of your life?

-Thinking and communicating? Yes.
-Work habits?
-Research abilities? Yes.
-Technical abilities? Yes.

To what extent did your classmates affect your experience in the program?

Tremendously. We shaped our own course and taught each other what we learned.

To what extent did the public venue (the Internet) for much your work affect your experience in the program?

We got a wide range of feedback and really did learn about producing for the "real world."

Was the course work appropriate to the goals of the program?

It could have been more modern/controversial.

Did you perceive yourself as part of any university department or community larger than the American Studies Program itself?

Perhaps the graduate school at large.

How well was interdisciplinary study integrated in the program?

Not necessarily integrated, but definitely accessible.

Were the following resources (and any other ones) adequate for your work?

-Libraries? Yes
-Computers and technical support? The ETEXT provided the best technical support.
-Work space? The AS@UVa lab was small, but very cozy. -Classes? Yes
-Faculty? Yes
-Financial support? Most of our financial support was in the form of loans. The VAM project provided not only additional income, but also a great opportunity to begin building a resume.

During the program did you have any relevant part-time employment?


Please describe briefly your major forms of schooling and/or employment since your time in the program (giving dates, name of organization, and chief activities there):

Oct 1996-January 1998: Online Resources -- hired as Web Designer and promoted to Manager of Web Design Services with staff of four. I managed large corporate web sites and served as project manager for web software applications.

January 1998-January 1999: Maryland Public Television -- as Director of Online Activities I was responsible for producing national web sites based on television programming and outreach activities. I prepared budgets, project plans, and oversaw a staff of three.

January 1999-April 1999: U.S. Mint -- on contract as a Senior Web Producer, I designed and developed a children's site for the mint which will launch in July.

April 1999-present: Winstar -- Product Development Manager for Web Hosting.

Did you find advising and placement support in the program to be adequate?

We did not receive any placement support.

Has your involvement in the program made a discernible difference in the subsequent steps of your career?


How might the program be strengthened?

More interdisciplinary study.

Any other reflections?

I am extremely happy with my career path--I am both personally fulfilled and highly compensated by my work.