Appendix E: Student Projects

I. The best way to handle this is to ask you to go to the M.A. Thesis archive.

II. With the class of 1996-97 I began encouraging -- but not requiring -- students to archive copies of their portfolios. The response has been mixed but can be seen at:


Courtney Danforth

Mary Halnon

Angel Price

Maureen Reidy Searles

Adrianna Rissetto Plunkett


John Barans

Janet Haven

Kathleen Hogan

John Molinaro

Stefan Pollklas

Claudia Silverman

Emily Zimmerman

1998-99: (in progress)

Class Home Page


American Studies alums have begun a site intended to help the current group of students better understand the world that awaits them.

IV. Undergraduate Trickle Down:

Links for undergraduate projects.