When were you enrolled in the program?

Respondent #11: From 1995-96

How did you learn of the program? I was already enrolled in the Ph.D. program and wanted to broaden my technological knowledge and skills.

Why did you enter the program, and did it meet your expectations? See above response. Yes, the program met my expectations.

What did you find most valuable about the program? I think it's made me far more marketable.

Was the program different in any significant ways from your earlier education?

Yes, we weren't dealing solely with textual analysis--but with making texts understandable by and accessible to an audience that may or may not have been academic.

Did the program help you develop any of these aspects of your life?

-Thinking and communicating? Yes
-Work habits? No
-Research abilities? No
-Technical abilities? Yes

To what extent did your classmates affect your experience in the program?

My classmates were all a good bit younger than I, so I found them to be nice, but didn't develop the enduring connections that they seem to have developed with each other.

To what extent did the public venue (the Internet) for much your work affect your experience in the program?

It's rather odd to get fan mail for what essentially started out as a collection of academic papers.

Was the course work appropriate to the goals of the program?

By and large, yes.

Did you perceive yourself as part of any university department or community larger than the American Studies Program itself? My situation was different from that of the other students.

How well was interdisciplinary study integrated in the program?

It seemed well integrated to me. Were the following resources (and any other ones) adequate for your work?
-Libraries? Excellent
-Computers and technical support? At the peripheral labs (Etext Center and Multimedia Lab), excellent.
-Work space? In my time, it was limited. He seems to have much better equipment now.
-Classes? I disliked the 50-minute MWF format
-Faculty? Alan remains a mentor
-Financial support? N/A

During the program did you have any relevant part-time employment?

No, not relevant.

Please describe briefly your major forms of schooling and/or employment since your time in the program (giving dates, name of organization, and chief activities there):

I'm still in the Ph.D. program, but I've gotten some excellent web design opportunities. For example, I did the redesign of Monticello's African American oral history web site. So anyone who drops in at Monticello's web site sees my work. That's a pretty nice feather in my cap that never would have come my way had it not been for AS@UVA.

Did you find advising and placement support in the program to be adequate?


Has your involvement in the program made a discernible difference in the subsequent steps of your career?

I think it will eventually.

How might the program be strengthened?

I would imagine more money would help. :-)

Any other reflections? I think AS@UVA fulfills a real need. For the students, it gives a one-year master's program with a high-technology component. And to the work force, it provides smart people who can serve as synthesizers and interpreters between the high-tech and the non-tech worlds.