The Goddess of Freedom How Lofty She

The Goddess of Freedom how lofty she
Where the sun in splendor beams;
How bright the stars around her shine,
How lovely the moonlight gleams.
O'er the Capitol dome she proudly stands,
The colors 'neath her feet
Waving over the marble Halls,
Where the national statesmen meet.

The goddess of night, with brilliant gems
In silence crowns her head;
She's kissed by the sun's first crimson ray
As he wakes from his starry bed.
He showers her with heaven's blue
While on his wayward west,
And gives her last his snowy bars
Ere stars come spangle her breast.

Upon her dawn's first glimmer falls
From billows fringed with gray;
It dims the torch that Liberty holds,
But opens wide the day.
Upon her eye's last glimmer falls
From Sierra Nevada's crest,
As retreating day falls fast asleep
On El Dorado's breast.

Clouds of red, white, and blue that pass
Forever on their way,
Like hills sublime, like mountains rise
And greet her day by day.
Where eagles soar in circles grand,
'Neath God's blue canopy,
They wing her love in freedom's name
O'er the land of liberty.

In triumph and in splendor she
Adorns our State with peace;
Like the sun turns night to day, she bids
All dark contentions cease.
Aloft, alone our goddess shines
From God's infinite main
Forever gleaming peace and joy
Where freedom's path is lain.

Aloft the Goddess of Freedom,
Aloft and alone in the skies!
Through winter winds, through summer climes,
Lights flash out from her eyes,
    A beacon bright,
    Through the stormy night
To all the world they loom--
Our love, our peace and freedom's joy,
From off the Capitol dome.

by William A. Cox

January 6, 1927

Nashville, Tennessee

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