Index of Maps and Landscapes Used in This Site

L'Enfant's Plan for the City Intended for the Permanent Seat of the Government of the United States 1792 engraving of an earlier draft in L'Enfant's hand.

Thackera and Vallance's Plan for the City of Washington in the Territory of Columbia Line engraving published in Philadelphia, 1792.

Mathew Carey's Washington City, published in 1802 in Philadelphia

Robert King's Map of the City of Washington in the District of Columbia, drawn by King and engraved by Conrad Schwarz, Washington D.C. 1818.

Robert Mills, Plan of the Mall published in 1841.

Robert Smith, View of Washington, drawn by Robert Smith in 1850.

Andrew Jackson Downing, Plan Showing Proposed Method of Laying Out the Public Grounds at Washington. An 1867 manuscript copy of Downing's 1851 original plan.

Benjamin Franklin Smith, Washington, D.C. with Projected Improvements, Lithograph published in New York in 1852.

B&O Railroad Station, 1881 Photo from the Library of Congress

General Noble's Tree HouseStereographic view published by T.W. Ingersoll in 1897.

Currier and Ives The City of Washington. Bird's Eye View From the Potomac--Looking North. Lithograph published in New York in 1880.

McMillan Commission, The Mall. Unsigned plan from Century Magazine, February 1902.

Senate Park Commission, Plan of 1901-1902, Models showing present conditions and treatment proposed, comparative details of the Mall.

Modified USGS Survey Map, and model by Lori Hey, both showing treatment of Mall if Potomac River were to be reextended to base of Washington Monument, 1987.

National Capital Planning Commission, Draft: Monumental Core Framework, drawn 1995.

National Capital Planning Commission, South Capitol Street, proposed view from 1996 plan.

National Capital Planning Commission, East Capitol Street, proposed view from 1996 plan.

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