Entrance Into Monterrey, Albert Bierstadt, 6' X 10'
Members' private stairway, west corridor, House Wing
Purchased 1878

Like the painting of the Hudson River, Bierstadt executes Entrance Into Monterrey with the same perspective and iconography of neoclassical European landscape painting. In this painting, which illustrates the European discovery of the west coast, nature and man are out of scale. This painting is dominated by a seaside scene of domesticated animals and the tree at the center. The crowd of humble natives is difficult to see as they bow before the crosses of the explorers' ships, which are only suggested by the cluster of sails gathering on the vanishing point of the horizon line. Again we see the focus on the white European explorer who has been led by God to this savage land to civilize it. The subservience of the native tribe reinforces Bierstadt's message as they huddle to pray for their salvation before the signs of Christianity, and presumably of civilization, before them.

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