Photo Credits

Postcard of Keith's Vaudeville Theater is from the private collection of Maggie Valentine, reprinted in Valentine's book The Show Starts on the Sidewalk: An Architectural History of the Movie Palace, Starring S. Charles Lee

Photo of Academy Theater by Julius Shulman, reprinted in Valentine, 114

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Photo of the Women's Lounge, Loew's Midland Theater from the Loew's collection, reprinted in David Naylor's American Picture Palaces: The Architecture of Fantasy, 38.

From the Chicago Architecture Photographic Company Collection: Photo of Chicago Paradise exterior reprinted in Naylor, 132.

Photo of Santa Barbara atmospheric theater by David Naylor, 147.

From the Ben Hall collection: Photo of Roxy and the Kimball organ, reprinted in Naylor, 38; Photo of Regent Theater, reprinted in Naylor, 41; Photo of Roxy auditorium reprinted in Naylor, 112.

Photos reprinted in Ben Hall's The Best Remaining Seats (no credit listed): Photo of Chicago Paradise interior, 92-93; Photo of Avalon lounge and Avalon nursery, 101; Photo of Roxy hospital room, 130; Photo of Paramount Theater exterior, 146; Photo of Atlanta Fox exterior and interior, 155-56; Photo of Grauman's Egyptian Theater interior, 158; Photo of Avalon ushers, 168; Photo of Chester Hale Girls, 228; Photo of Hollywood Revue marquee, 254-55; Photo of Gloria Swanson, 259. Photo of Roxy floor plans is courtesy of "Science and Invention," reprinted in Hall, 90.

From the collection of John Margolies, reprinted in Margolies's Ticket to Paradise: American Movie Theaters and How We Had Fun: Postcard of Mystic Theater, 35; Photo of Grauman's Chinese Theater, 48; Paramount Theater tickets, 75; Photo of Capitol Theater marquee, 93.

From the Bettman Archive, reprinted in Margolies: Photo of Box office patrons, 64; Photo of Usher class at Radio City Music Hall, 77.

Photo of the Dish night window card from the American Museum of the Moving Image, reprinted in Margolies, 81.

From Preston Kaufmann's Fox: Story of the World's Finest Theatre (no credits given): Reprint of "King For a Day" ad from the San Francisco Call, 101; Photo of San Francisco Fox exterior, 125; Photo of San Francisco Fox lobby, 142; Photo of San Francisco Fox organ and curtain, 210; Reprint of Norma Shearer movie ad used in cover graphic, 257.