Bracketed Cottage

A small Bracketed Cottage

"...Now, every cottage may not display science or knowledge, because science demands architectural education in its builder or designer, as well as, in many cases, some additional expense. But feeling may be evinced by ever one possessing it, and there is no more striking or successful way of manifesting it in a cottage than by the employment of permanent vines to embellish it. Something of a love for the beautiful, in the inmates, is always suggested b a vine-covered cottage, because mere utility would never lead any person to plan flowering vines; an much of positive beauty is always conferred upon simple cottage forms by the graceful growth of vines, through the rural domestic expression they give to the cottage. We say domestic expression, because, as vines are never planted by architects, masons, carpenters, or those who build the cottage, but always by those who live in it, and make it truly a home, and general by the mother or daughter, whose very planting of vines is a labor of love offered up on the domestic altar, it follows, by the most direct and natural associations, that vines on a rural cottage always express domesticity and the presence of heart." [Downing, 79.]

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