English Farm-House

A Farm-House in the English Rural style

"To such of our readers as are looking for an expression of more beauty in a farm-house, we present this Design.

We think no one can deny that it fully expresses the subject intended; no one can accuse this dwelling of having any town bred airs - any cockneyisms copied from streets, four stories high. It has, on the contrary, an unmistakeable look of having been born and bred in the country. Its low walls, and its extension on the ground, show that neither pride, nor want of space, nor the love of imitation have been at work to destroy its honest and truthful rural character. There is an open, honest expression in its simple and broad windows, a strength and sturdiness in its low and solid walls, a look of homely, hospitable shelter in its broad overhanging roof, which altogether affect us with the feeling of beauty, because, like agreeable lines and features in the face, they are manifestations of the intrinsic goodness of the mind within." [Downing, 159.]

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