Gate Lodge

A Gate-Lodge in the English style

"The chief merit of this cottage is its picturesqueness. It is as irregular as so small a cottage can well be, and retain anything of symmetrical beauty in its composition. Placed among fine groups of trees, with a well- wooded background, this design would have a striking and most agreeable effect, because the variety and irregularity of its outline would be supported by the varied form of foliage and bough. ...

As the most economical form for a cottage is a square, and next to that a parallelogram, it is evident that all irregular cottages are more costly than regular ones. Such a design as this, therefore, will not be chosen by any one with whom economy of first cost is a primary consideration. ... [note: estimated cost = $573.86]

The style of this design is the Rural Gothic, that beautiful modified form of Gothic architecture which we adopt from the English people; and which certainly expresses as large an union of domestic feeling and artistic knowledge as any other known." [Downing, 100-1.]

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