Eric Gislason

Eric J. Gislason

MA 1996

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"I work as a writer, editor, and content developer in print and online media for Edmark, an educational software company in Redmond, WA. I'm involved in writing school guides that accompany our K-8 software, as well as writing section content--scripts, factbooks, etc.--for our math, science, and reading programs. I've also done tech support docs and columns for our math club and Dear Parents websites."

"The American Studies program provides students with an intellectual experience that is both wide-ranging and practical. My classmates and I felt like we were allowed to dilate on the academic topics of our choice, but at the same time were always challenged to justify our work's position in some sort of larger context/audience. Most graduate students write for about 8 people. We wrote for many more. I still get notes and queries about my projects from people all over the world.

Last updated: 6/10/97