Joshua Scott Johns

MA 1996


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I am currently working at Microsoft, as an online product manager for The Microsoft Network. I promote and market MSN on microsoft web sites and in web advertising campaigns aimed at acquiring new trial members for the online service. I also oversee the development and maintenance of the MSN product information site at and will be producing new online acquisition tools for the service.

I also volunteer at the Museum of History and Industry in Seattle, where I am assisting the Museum, the Seattle Times, the University of Washington, and city and state branches of the WA Dept. of Education to develop a public education web site devoted to the history of Seattle as told through its economic and industrial development. My responsibilities include research and caption writing for over 1000 historical photograps. In addition, I recently wrote the cornerstone essay for the Museum's exhibit about the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897, "As the Century Turns."

This program gives students options and shows them that people with the critical thinking and communications skills of a English major are capable in all fields--not just teaching. Exposure to new technologies is one way in which these intellectual skills are applied to a practical skill that is very much in demand in the job market.

From an academic standpoint, this program is far more exciting than most. The small class size and the team atmosphere fostered in the program provided a much more intimate and engaging setting for learning and discussion, both in and out of actual seminar time. The Bryan hall lab became our group's roundtable, and at all hours of the day, the room was charged with the energy of an academic community.

Our use of the World Weide Web to present our work afforded us a large public audience and a very immediate relationship with and responsibility for our projects. Each of us received e-mail regularly from readers around the world, and to this day, I get feedback on my projects. Nearly 10 months after graduating, I am still defending my thesis.

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