Julie K. Rose

MA 1996

Julie Rose

Current E-Mail -- jrose@wyse.com

Current HomePage -- http://www.wyse.com

Resume -- http://www.wco.com/~jkrose/resume.html


After graduation in August 1996, I moved back to California. I acted as an Assistant Producer in the education division of CD-ROM producer Mindscape. I left Mindscape in December, and moved to San Jose where I worked as a freelance web designer for the San Jose Mercury News. On April 1, 1997, I began full-time work as the Web Program Manager for Wyse Technology, a manufacturer of network computers. I am responsible for all facets of both the external website and the corporate intranet.

The American Studies program was quite different in many ways than a "traditional" MA program. While the academic rigors were the same, the method of expressing what we'd discovered was quite different. The medium of the web allowed me to be more creative in my response to what I'd learned, and allowed me to reach a larger audience than a traditional program would have. In addition, I was able to gain skills that have been significant in the job market.

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