American Hypertext Workshop: Project Suggestions

This is a list that I've been building over the past couple of years. The categories are pretty flabby, the selection is heavily weighted in favor of projects than don't create copyright problems, and the whole thing is hardly comprehensive; suggestions are welcome. The projects vary considerably in scale and complexity; some are large enough to require collaborative work. (E.g., see Catesby, below). The primary criteria for a "good" project are, I think, those that govern AS@UVA generally: to provide insight into the structures and processes of cultural formation in America to an educated general audience, with particular emphasis on re-presenting materials that have been lost and re-contextualizing materials that have been de-contextualized by time.



Travel Literature:
Miscellaneous and Other :

Public Service Projects:

I'm open to suggestions about public service projects, e.g., course web sites, out-of-print-not-likely-to-be-reprinted works by faculty members, web exhibits for Special Collections, etc.