Scanning Exercise:
Made in America and American Humor

We're going to begin creating hypertext editions of two classic works in American Studies, John D. Kouwenhoven's Made in America: The Arts in Modern Civilization and Constance Rourke's American Humor: A Study of the National Character Each of these advances important classical models for understanding American culture, both of them opposing vernacular or folk culture to elite culture.

As with the mark-up exercise, I'll post a list of chapters on my door and ask you to sign up for one of the blocks of text. The general protocols are: set it 90% table, chapter title in header2, back and forward links in Caps at bottom of each chapter (linking to the previous and next chapter), fontsize +1.

From Rourke, American Humor: From Kouwenhoven, Made in America

Both volumes are on reserve in Clemons.