Photoshop Exercise:
Inside The New Yorker

Last year's AS class started a project on the cover art of The New Yorker. They looked primarily at the cover art, at the ways in which the illustrations reflected -- explicitly or implicitly -- a certain set of strategies for dealing with the Great Depression. This semester, I'd like to continue this project by looking at the ways in which the illustrations inside the same magazine -- cartoons, illustrations and advertisements -- did the same work.

I'll post a list of publication years on my door for you to chose from. After you've selected yours, scan in the images you find interesting, enough to make a small site similar to those done last year. Scan the images to fit an 800 x 600 screen and make a thumbnail of each image 125 pixels high. Mount the thumbnails on an html page with a brief introduction explaining why you've chosen the images/what they tell us of the topic. Link these thumbnails to html pages that hold the larger versions of the images (centered). Create a back link to the index page. Store the project in its own folder.

Copies of the magazine are held in Alderman stacks. Due November 5.