HTML Tagging Exercise:
Owen Wister's The Virginian

We are going to convert a plain .txt edition of Owen Wister's The Virginian to HTML. This is an important text for understanding the development of the idea of the West in the 20th Century, e.g., a kind of archive of the cliches that dominate popular film and fiction about the region. It is also a text that presents a number of potentialites for further development as a hypertext.

The book is about 400 pages long, broken down into 36 chapters of roughly equal length or about 2 chapters apiece. I'll post a sign up sheet on my door; initial the chapters you want to take. To retrieve your chapters, point your browser at:

The browser will open on the contents of that folder; click on the chapters you've chosen and they will appear in the browser; save each of the chapters to a floppy.