ENAM 484: American Studies Seminar
Spring 2001
American Popular Culture

Last Updated 03/19

  • Stephen J. Fjellman, Vinyl Leaves: Walt Disney World and America.
  • Robert C. Allen, ed., Channels of Discourse, Reassembled: Television and Contemporary Criticism.
  • Sonia Maasik and Jack Solomon, eds., Signs of Life in the U.S.A.: Readings on Popular Culture for Writers.


01/17: Organization and Introduction.

01/22:Vinyl Leaves


General Resources:

01/29: Channels of Discourse, Reassembled I

Note: For the next two weeks, after reading the chapter for discussion, I'd like you to watch a (favorite?) T.V. program.

  • Robert C. Allen, More Talk about TV
  • Ellen Seiter, Semiotics, Structuralism, and Television
  • Sarah Kozloff, Narrative Theory and Television
  • Robert C. Allen, Audience-Oriented Criticism and Television
  • Jane Feuer, Genre Study and Television
Note: No Class Friday, Feb. 2

02/05: Channels of Discourse II

  • Mimi White, Ideological Analysis and Television
  • Sandy Flitterman-Lewis, Psychoanalysis, Film, and Television
  • E. Ann Kaplan, Feminist Criticism and Television
  • Jim Collins, Postmodernism and Television
  • Daniel J. Czitrom, Media and the American Mind: From Morse to McLuhan

02/12: The World's Columbian Exposition: Popular Culture at the Turn of the Century I


02/19: Popular Culture at the Turn of the Century II


02/26: Chicago 1933 and New York 1939: Popular Culture between the Wars I


03/05: Popular Culture between the Wars II

Spring Break

03/19: Signs of Life

03/26: Project Proposals

04/02: No Class

04/09: Revision and upgrade of Project Proposals

04/16: Story Boards

04/23: First Drafts


04/30: Second Drafts

Final Examinations: 05/04-05/11

Final Projects due 05/11