The American Studies Area Program is an interdisciplinary program for students majoring in English, history, government and foreign affairs, art, rhetoric and communication studies, and other departments.

For further information please contact Professor Harold Kolb, 429 Bryan Hall; Professor Alan Howard, 427 Bryan Hall; or Professor Edward Ayers, 203 Levering Hall.


Status as a rising second- or third-year student. ENWR 101 Expository Writing (or exemption) For majors in English and American Studies: ENLT courses are recommended, but not required. For majors in history and American Studies: There are no prerequisites for the history major, though 100-level seminars are recommended.

Normally, the American Studies Program holds a general meeting for interested students during Pre-registration Week in the Spring semester. Students can pick up application forms at any time from the Undergraduate English Secretary in Bryan Hall.

Program Requirements, Electives, and Thesis Options:

I. Courses required of all students and, with the exception of ENAM 485/HIUS 407,taken in the student's first year in the program: 21 hours.