I recommend developing the habit of carrying a diskette around with you (and periodically backing it up). You'll be working primarily on public terminals that won't allow you to do certain things on their hard disks. For example, both Netscape and Mosaic allow you to construct Bookmark files, an archive of the addresses of useful Internet or WWW sites which can be used to automate your reacquiring them. But, each time you go into the browser, you'll have to set the Preferences option in your browser to recognize A:\bookmark.html as the default directory for bookmarks

Also, working on the Web sometimes takes on the aspect of an electronic scavenger hunt; searching for good tools, good models, good resources. You may want to copy the fileindex.html you'll find later in the workshop. Its an index to HTML tags (the coded marks that tell a computer that it is seeing an HTML document and how to handle its constituent parts), a handy reference tool and something you may add to as you come across new tags.