American Studies Lab

Mondays @ 5:00-6:15

9/04: Introduction to the web and HTML 1 -- Bryan 203
During this Lab we'll explore the Web Browser, discuss fundamentals of HTML coding, create a basic homepage, and discuss the ways in which content can be generated and installed. We'll work with this HTML Tutorial in class.
We'll also review this material on copyright, fair use and web citation.
For future reference, you may want to bookmark these pages: a list of all the tags for HTML 4.0, and The Columbia Guide to Online Style.

9/11:HTML 2 and Doing Research on the Web -- Bryan 203

Before class, please familiarize yourself with The Yellow Pages a selective guide to electronic resources in American Studies; we'll make editorial assignments for YP00.
In the lab we'll work quickly through The Internet Detective, a tutorial for evaluating internet resources. And then ,we'll go over basic coding for tables and frames.
After class, install home page links to subordinate pages for 1) American Studies projects, 2) technical resources for web design and 3) resources for American Studies. These will be the places where you can build both your personal resource base and your toolkit for doing American Studies over the next two years.
For next week, sign up for a section of Prescott'sThe Conquest of Mexico on the tagging sheet on my office door (Bryan 427); follow the directions and post your section to your homepage by next Wednesday.

9/18: Scanning Text, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Photoshop -- Clemons Media Center
Sign up on the text scanning sheet  and the image scanning sheet on my office door.

9/25: No Workshop

10/02: Web Design -- Bryan 203
Yale Web Style Guide
Also useful:

10/09: Project Makeovers -- Bryan 203
Before the lab, redesign your homepage.

10/16:Using a Web Editor and other tools -- Bryan 423

10/23: Dynamic Media: Audio and Video -- Clemons Media Center.
Before class, sign up for one of theaudio exercises. and one of the video exercises.

Also: Video Digitization: A Guide

10/30: No Workshop
The final project for this semester will be to conceive, design and build a satellite site for the hypertext of Trachtenberg's Incorporation of America. Post your project proposals to your homepage by Monday, Nov. 6.

11/06: Workshop: Designing the Final Project -- Bryan 203

11/13: Open Lab

11/20: Open Lab

11/27: Editorial Conference I: The Final Project

12/04: Editorial Conference II: The Final Project

Vacation reading: TBA

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