Photoshop Exercise:
The Index of American Design

Last year's MA Class started a project on The Index of American Design, a WPA project from the 1930s whose goal was to celebrate American folk art and material culture. I want to continue and extend that work.

I'll post a list of possible topics on my door for you to chose from. After you've selected yours, scan in the images you find interesting, enough to make a small site similar to those done last year. Scan the images to fit an 800 x 600 screen and make a thumbnail of each image 125 pixels high. Mount the thumbnails on an html page with a brief introduction explaining why you've chosen the images/what they tell us of the topic. Link these thumbnails to html pages that hold the larger versions of the images (centered). Create a back link to the index page. Store the project in its own folder.

Copies of the magazine are in Alderman stacks.