Scanning Exercise:
Main Currents in American Thought

Vernon L. Parrington'sMain Currents in American Thoughtis a classic study of American Culture. The first two volumes appeared in 1927, the third was published posthumously in 1930. Together, the three volumes attempt to chart the continuing struggle between liberal and conservative tendencies in American Society, primarily but not exclusively by examining the history of our national literature.

Last reprinted in 1958,Main Currentsdeserves electronic publication, not only for the running account of American thinkers and authors it provides, but also as a representative of American Progressive thinking of its time. Over time, I hope to digitize all three volumes.

Your goal is, for now, to digitize Vol. I. It's about 400 pages, not including the index which we'll handle by mounting a search engine on the text. Each of you is, thus, responsible for about 40 pages of scanning; I'll leave it to you to parcel out the work.

The text is in the book shelves in the lab; my copy, so let's not lose track of it.