Classic Hollywood Films of the 1930s

The project here is to capture the ways in which american film can be seen as reacting to culture in which they were produced and consumed, as a way of understanding their own times -- the Depression, WWII, and the Cold War --.

The target this term is romantic and screwball comedies. Choose a film from the list posted on my office door and view it with an eye to creating a small site for your film. The site should include pertinent information about the film, director, studio, actors, date of release, plus a brief description of the film -- no more than 250 words.

The description is the real challenge here: it should give a sense of the plot of the film as well as of its cultural significance, as well as the ways in which it seems to reflect contemporary issues or values. The description should also provide you one or more "hooks," points at which you can link two or three short film clips to illustrate the points you're making. The clips should each be no more than 2 minutes long, shorter if the point can be made in less time. You'll also need a title shot and a closing shot, perhaps just "the end."

Note: not held means that our library doesn't own a copy; it may be available locally, e.g., Blockbuster.