I've placed the two volume _Treasury of American Design_ in the bookshelf in ASLAB. Last year's MA class created a series of small websites based on materials in these volumes:


As you'll see, they worked on these topics:

What I'd like each of you to do is to extend this work by creating similar sites. Again, I'll let you work out who does what, but it seems to me that some possible targets would be glassware, chests and drawers, light and heat (illumination and fireplaces), jars and jugs (including Rockingham and Bennington and "to a bit of clay they added beauty'), pewter, silver and tinware, ironwork (including kitchenware), textiles. As this suggests, my categories bridge two or more of the categories used in the _Treasury_. And you may want to recombine those categories in still other ways than I've been able to imagine.