Photoshop Exercise:

Over the past few years we've been gathering materials for a small exhibition on The Index of American Design.

Now I'd like to do begin a similar project for American Design between the wars. I've place a small selection of books on the subject in the bookshelf under the clock. The core book is American Modern 1925-1940: Design for a new Age. It provides the categories we'll use: Art Deco, Skyscrapers, Streamlined, and Geometries. And I'll ask each of you to be responsible for one of these sections. But there are examples of each in other sections of the book and further examples in the other two books on the shelf.

Find 8-10 images, scan them for the web, and mount them in a mini-exhibition that includes a brief curator's introduction and thumbnails that link to a single page for each image and that includes the provenance of the piece, i.e., title or description, artist/producer, and date.