Last update 08/26/03

Week of 09/01: General introduction to working on/for the web.

Week of 09/11:
Basic HTML
NOTE: Whichever tutorial you use, please try to preview the materials up to Tables and Frames for this lab.
  • After class, install home page links to subordinate pages for 1) American Studies resources and 2) technical resources for web design. These will be the places where you can build both your personal resource base for doing American Studies and your toolkit for web design over the next two years.

    For next week, sign up for a section of Walter Lippman's Public Opinion and on the tagging sheet on my office door (Bryan 427); follow the directions and post your section to your homepage by next Wednesday.

    Week of 09/15:
    Intermediate HTML: Tables and Frames

    Week of 09/22:
    Scanning: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Photoshop I -- ASLAB

    Before the lab, sign up for one of the photoshop exercizes and one of the scanning exercises.

    Photoshop for the Web: Making Great GIFs

    Week of 09/29: Web Design -- ASLAB
    Also useful: A Designer's Sampler

    Week of 10/06: Dynamic Media: Audio and Video -- Clemons Media Center
    Also: Video Digitization: A Guide

    Before Class, sign up for one of the video exercises and one the audio exercises.

    Week of 10/11:Tricks and Tools

    Week of 10/20: Dreamweaver?

    Week of 11/27: Fireworks?

    Week of 11/03:Advanced Dreamweaver?

    Week of 11/10:Advanced HTML?

    Week of 11/17:Workshop I

    Week of 11/24:Workshop II

    Week of 11/24:Workshop III