Photoshop Exercise:

Over the past few years we've been gathering materials for a small exhibition on The Index of American Design. We've also had a few projects that focused on cover art of the period, pulp fiction, science fiction, The Saturday Evening Post and Fortune Magazine. Each of these is worth expanding, but I think I'd rather move in a slightly different direction, to create a gallery of American Genre chromolithographs from the 19th century. The object will be to find a way to represent the world as seen through the eyes of this immensely popular visual form; Part of this will be to devise a site design for the images we capture.

The primary resource for this exercise will be a group of books with illustrations by Currier and Ives. I'm still trying to locate other resources and will let you know if I'm successful. When we get there, we'll see how many images will be requested of each of you (probably 5-10) to scan and 'clean up.'