Scanning Exercise: Cooper'sThe American Democrat

We've been creating electronic versions of texts that are, in one way or another, important for an understanding of American Culture. You will create a hypertext of James Fenimore Cooper's The American Deomocrat.

As with the mark-up exercise, I'll post a list of chapters on my door and ask you to sign up for one of the blocks of text. The general protocols are: set it 85% table, chapter title in header2, BACK and FORWARD links in CAPS at bottom of each chapter (linking to the previous and next chapter), fontsize +1, save as ch01.html, ch02.html, etc.

There is only one copy of this text in general circulation in the Library. If all goes according to plan, I'll have three additional copies placed on reserve in the AS Lab. Pair up, check out a copy, and sign up to do the scanning in the Electronic Text Center in Alderman.