ENAM 802: American Studies Colloquium I


Alan B. Howard
427 Bryan Hall
Office Hours: MW 2:00-3:30
1-804-924-6644 or abh9h@virginia.edu

syllabus version 1.0; last updated 10/12/96

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General Statement of Purpose:

Calendar of Meetings

8/28:Organization and Introduction

8/30: Summer Reading I

9/2: Summer Reading II:

9/9: Summer Reading III

9/16: American Studies: Getting the Lay of the Land

NOTE: (R) points to a folder of xerox articles, (C) points to individual books, all on reserve in Clemons Library; highlighted texts can be accessed from this page.


9/23: From American Studies to American Cultural Studies

Note #1:I will be out of town Monday, 9/23; class will meet nonetheless.

Note #2: scanned articles to be posted by 9/23

9/30: Classic Paradigms I: In the Beginning.


10/7: Classic Paradigms II: The Middle Ground

Note: Reading Days 10/7-10/8.

10/14: The Middle Ground (continued)

Note: Tocqueville work to be posted by 10/14


10/21: Henry Nash Smith, Virgin Land

Note:Virgin Land objectives


11/25:T. J. Jackson Lears, No Place of Grace

Note: Thanksgiving Vacation 11/27-12/1


NOTE: Revisons of Yellow Pages due 12/2.

12/2: de Tocqueville, Democracy in America -- The Hypertext.


12/6: Classes End.

NOTE: Synoptic journal files due 12/9.

12/09: Exams Begin.

12/13: Exams End.

Final Project ( Democracy Hypertext )due 1/8/97.